How often should I change my appliances?

Many times the stress of everyday life and the need to give our teams the best performance and the short times between clients to provide a faster service, do not give us time to carry out a deep cleaning. We recommend a thorough cleaning at least once a week.

As a general rule, the most common incidents are usually due to poor cleaning, we work with gels, creams or lubricants that, if not cleaned correctly after using our devices, when they dry, will clog, accumulate in our equipment and will need a cleaning. cosmetic appliance repair.

We must not forget to respect the rules that due to routine or negligence, we do not apply in our day to day, such as:

Turn off all the equipment that is not being used, because if we do not do it, we will shorten its life, apart from the waste of consumption that we are making.

It sounds like instructions for children, but let's not forget to unplug the machine from the plug, not from the cable, as this will keep the cable and its connection to the plug in good condition, thus avoiding repairs.

We must check if we notice that the equipment gets hot or sparks fly when connected to the plug. If any of this happens, do not use this device until the problem is solved, of course by the hands of a specialized technician. What functional life can a cavitation, radiofrequency or IPL equipment have? Is there any kind of maintenance to be done?
The functional life of aesthetic equipment is unlimited as long as it is cared for both by the center that acquires it and by the company that distributes it.