EZ Injector Mesotherapy Device (Model SL-M4)

The injector gun is developed for water-hyaluronic acid mesotherapy. This is injected into the skin to solve problems caused by lack of moisture. It leaves the skin smooth, soft, radiant and moisturizes it after the injection. In addition, it is also suitable for injecting various skin care products.
Provides a complete view from all angles thanks to its removable vacuum coupling handle makes water injection easier and more convenient.
The recommended injection technique is the micro-needling technique, in which very small amounts of hyaluronic acid, VC or other skin reinforcers are injected deep into the dermis, about 1-2 cm.
M1 to put the water mode, which shrinks pores and block moisture. M2 for hyaluronic acid mode, which helps the skin to remove previous cosmetic residue.


  • Activation of collagen cells, improving skin elasticity and shine.
  • Remove facial fine lines and crow's feet, flat word lines, etc.
  • Eliminates wrinkles and pigmentation removal.
  • Improve skin metabolism, anti-aging.
  • Applicable for endogenous and exogenous injection.


  • Easy to operate, no side effect, but significant effect.
  • Adjustable injection depth, dosage, speed and suction intensity.
  • The anti-reflux technology that is applied for medicine and blood.
  • Stimulate skin for self-healing, promote skin metabolism.


Certification: CE
Power: 7.2V 840mAh
Input adapter: 110 – 240V 50/60Hz
DC Output: 8.4V 500mA Max
Duration time: Negative pressure up to 2,000
Power consumption: 4W
Material: ABS, PC, Nickel plating and silicone tube
Screen: 1.5 inches, color
Power: Switch Button
Setting injection: 5 level continuous, 6 level dose
Size: 153x38x38mm

Dimensions 153×38×38cm


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