Vaginal HIFU (Model SL-FU7)

The RS Vaginal HIFU system is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment.
It uses the latest technology of non-invasive ultrasonic focus directly on the mucosa and the muscular layer of the vagina, even reaching the SMAS (Muscular Aponeuritic System).
In the treatment area, there is an increase in temperature up to 65ºC that will stimulate the production of collagen, stimulating the neocollagenesis of the tissue and the structure of the tissue of the
vaginal canal, without the need for anesthesia, needles or surgery of any kind, clinically demonstrating that it notably tightens the vagina, reduces flaccidity and vaginal dryness and improves stress urinary incontinence.


The metabolism and self-repair capacity of the entire vaginal wall is promoted. Ultimately, the healing effect of vaginal HIFU vagina firming vagina is achieved.


  • The treatment time of the vaginal HIFU machine is short and does not affect the work.
  • The vaginal effect of the HIFU machine soon manifests itself after the treatment, and the effect is obvious.
  • The vaginal HIFU machine can tighten the vagina in the long term; the effect can be maintained for about three years.
  • The HIFU machine vaginal treatment process requires no anesthesia, no pain, and the patient feels more comfortable.
  • HIFU vaginal machine is currently the simplest and most effective vaginal repair treatment.


Certification: CE
Voltage: 110-220V
Rated current: 3A
Rated power: 75w 200w
Probe type: 3.0 and 4.5 with 10,000 shots
Probe length: 12.5cm
Probe outer diameter: 2.8 cm
Handle outer diameter: 4.5 cm



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